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Welcome to Dalayer Shipping Lines

Dalayer Shipping Lines was incorporated by Chittagong Custom House, Chittagong Port Authority. Mainly it was grown up for shipping service. Crew manning, Ship handling, Chartering & Total transportation. It deals Break Bulk Cargo, Container & Oil. Dalayer Shipping Lines also work with MMD, DG Shipping immigration P & I CLUB It is a sister concern of HN GROUP. HN GROUP corporate such as below

  • Libra Traders [ C&F agent ]
  • Libra Shipping Line [ Inland cargo carrier ]
  • Libra Traders [ Construction Sector , Enlisted with MES & BGB ]
  • Daiyan Corporation [ Importer & Exporter ]
  • Dewan Enterprise[ Garments Buying, Indenter, Intl Broker & commission Agent]

Business line

Image 01 Engage to be shipping agency.
Image 02 To operate sea cargo transportation, Ship Management & Inland Cargo by own Costar.
Image 03 To Chartering/Brokering ship & Cargo.
Image 03 To buy & sell Scrap Ship.
Image 03 To deal crew manning, Provide Bunker & Ship repair.